Support to Public Administration Reform under the PAR Sector Reform Contract


The Public Administration Reform (PAR) in Serbia aims to create a public administration based on the principles of the European administrative space, that is, an administration that provides high-quality services to citizens and the economy and has a positive impact on the standard of citizens’ lives. Public Administration Reform relies on the principles of decentralisation, professionalisation, rationalisation and modernisation.

The EU for PAR under the Sector Reform Contract Project supports the implementation of the new legal framework for evidence-based policymaking and strategic planning through:

·       Providing advice in the process of development and adoption of policies,

·       Supporting the revision or development of new public policy documents related to PAR  

·       Improving institutional and human resource capacity building with regards to the implementation of the reform in the development of public policies and PAR in general.

Through its activities, the Project aims to help strengthening the functioning of the public administration to be more efficient, accountable and transparent. In this way, public administration will offer better quality services to the citizens and businesses in the Republic of Serbia.

Last updated: June 11, 2021, 17:03