In order to raise public awareness of the European Union's assistance in the fields of transport, energy and the digital agenda, the campaign in the field of connectivity is aimed at promoting EU donations and investments in these areas, communicating facts in a simple and interesting way. The campaign focused on the most successful projects financed from IPA instruments and investments of the European Investment Bank.

By building and connecting transport, energy and the Internet, the EU creates numerous opportunities for citizens and the business sphere in Serbia and the European Union. Thanks to that, the movement of people is facilitated by safer and more efficient roads, energy supply is more reliable, and trade is on the rise.

Improving transport and energy connectivity is of great importance for competitiveness, economic growth as well as economic integration within the Western Balkans and the European Union. That is why the communication of goals, results and projects in these areas with the citizens of Serbia is of great importance for the further course of European integration. The campaign was conducted by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and the Ministry of European Integration.



The Delegation of the European Union to Serbia has launched a national promotional campaign under the slogan "Education is important" on EU support to the education sector in Serbia in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The European Union, as the largest donor in Serbia, supports the modernization of the education system and harmonization with the standards and practices of EU countries. Since 2003, the European Union has donated more than 100 million euros for the reform of the education sector - for the improvement of preschool education, reform of secondary vocational education, adult education, renovation and equipment of schools and colleges, support for inclusive education.

Move !

Look at the nature that surrounds you. It is not only in the mountains, rivers and villages that are far from the city crowds. It is found in every sip of water, every breath and snack we take for ourselves. That is why our common mission is to preserve and recover all those, from our window invisible rivers and forests, all animal and plant species, and to reduce the daily pollution that can endanger our well-being and future.

Administration tailored to all of us

The European Union strongly supports the process of public administration reform in Serbia. This support has lasted continuously since 2000, with more than 200 million euros invested in the professionalization of administration, the development of electronic services, public financial management, but also in improving the work of local governments and independent institutions.

EU for Business

The European Delegation to Serbia is launching a campaign dedicated to EU’s support for Jobs and economic development – #EUzaBiznis. The campaign builds on the main slogan of #EUzaTebe. 

Last updated: June 11, 2021, 17:03