Workshops for preparation of project proposals in accordance with EU / PRAG procedures

During May and June 2021, part of the project activities will be aimed at raising the capacities of local governments to prepare projects in accordance with EU / PRAG procedures. The training program, which consists of three thematically different workshops, is intended for members of mobile teams for Roma inclusion, coordinators for Roma issues, employees in different departments / offices for local development, social services, as well as employees in other departments of the administration who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in project preparation.

The first of three workshops, which was attended by over 30 participants from 13 local governments, was held in May 2021, and was dedicated to the analysis of problems and stakeholders.

Since the preparation of project proposals is a task that requires teamwork and different professional experiences, training cycle is open for a larger number of participants from one local government with the aim of forming teams that can work on the preparation of project proposals for their local communities in the coming period.

The next two workshops are scheduled in June, when the participants will deal with the logical framework matrix and resources and the elements of the project proposal.

In addition to transferring practical knowledge relevant for the preparation of project proposals, the lecturers will work together with the participants on the elaboration of specific project ideas through mentoring work during the training cycle and/ or in the period between workshops or after the end of the training cycle.

Last updated: August 3, 2021, 11:37