To modernize the country in normal times or to face crisis in times of emergency, Team Europe – the European Union, the EU Member States and the EU Financial institutions such as the European Investment Fund - is the number one partner for Serbia.

Overall, the European Union is by far the biggest investor, biggest trade partner and biggest donor to Serbia. 

With over

3 billion Euros

in non-refundable aid to Serbia in the last 2 decades, the EU is supporting Serbia to become a more prosperous, sustainable, fair, secure and democratic country, prepared to join the Union. 

To fight COVID-19, the European Union is also here for Serbia.

When You Are in Need:

EU mobilisation for Serbia in times of emergency

The EU will always respond to Serbia emergency calls, like it did from 2014 when floods hit the country, protecting the population and financing reconstructions of schools, farms and floods prevention mechanisms. Today again, as a quick response to Covid-19 crisis, the EU has offered the Serbian government a support package for emergency measures, to bring medical supplies and equipment and come to the help of the most vulnerable parts of the population.

EUR 93 million for short and medium needs for Serbia against COVID-19

Sustainable Partnership:

EU assistance for a prosperous, secure, fair, democratic and sustainable Serbia

The EU was the first to assist Serbia in 2000 particularly in the health sector. Since then, more than 450 million euros were invested in this sector through donations and support: medicines, equipment for hospitals and primary health care centres, laboratories, institutes of public health and blood transfusion centres, the largest ever supply of emergency medical vehicles…

EU donations & loans for Serbian health system: 450 million EUR

Stronger Together:

EU solidarity mechanisms also for Serbia

During these times of crisis, across the European Union, countries, regions and cities are stretching out a helping hand to neighbours and assistance is given to those most in need: donations of protective equipment such as masks, cross-border treatments of ill patients and bringing stranded citizens home. This is European solidarity at its best. EU solidarity mechanism has been extended to Serbia.

Team Europe Assists the Western Balkans

Team Europe Assists the Western Balkans

The health sector, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia and other countries in the Western Balkans, will receive European Union’s assistance to…

Last updated: April 15, 2021, 17:11